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Born in Uzbekistan, Central Asia, Gulia Huber is a Pennsylvania based visual artist, designer, and educator. She received a BA degree in Applied Arts from the Art College  in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, an MA degree in Art History from Bloomsburg University, and an MFA in sculpture from Penn State University. At the time of her graduation, Gulia Huber was nominated for the 2008 Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award by Pennsylvania State University, School of Visual Arts. She has been exhibiting her work nationally and internationally. In 2008 she was a recipient of the Textile Study Group of New York award. In 2012 she founded an art and design studio Pelagoz.  Presently, she teaches part time at Penn State University, raising her daughter, and working in her art and design studio.

Artist Statement

Cloth and clothing contain a number of coded messages in relation to our body, environment, culture, society, beliefs, and feelings. Clothing evokes associations that are complex and multilayered; It gives a sense of presence full of sensorial evocations of touch, smell, sound, and metaphorically informs the separation between private and public, personal and collective, presence and absence.
Having been brought up on the intersection between Western and Eastern cultures, I was influenced by the ancient and modern traditions of textiles in context of its production, wear, and its symbolic representation in order to articulate specific messages. In my work, I explore the narratives about language, body, and memory- all those factors that may influence our identity, alter our interactions, and shape our perceptions.

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